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Indulge in 100% pure plant extract essential oils, available in 15ml bottles or sample our 5ml bottle mini packs, complimented with our featured diffusers, for an immersive aromatic experience.


Really enjoyed all the oils. Very different and exotic. I felt blue noon was the most dominating one, the smell lingered the following day, unlike the others. It stood out from the rest of the range. I like the brand experience, it feels earthy and pure.... I love the diffuser so easy to use and very enjoyable (look, feel & funky light) !

Ana S.

Smells make me want to relax and take a bath!

Angelita C.

I felt like the smells took me to different feelings. My friends and I used Cogito during our visualization meditation to bring in 2021, everyone loved it. I loved the smell, but my favorites were Blu Noon, Ni lian and open waters. The blends are a nice change to the typical individual essential oils I'm accustomed to. Looking forward to the launch! I can't wait to order...

Samar E.

I loved all your blends! They were warm and spicy and not too perfume-y or sweet smelling. I look forward to purchasing some in the future...

Sharon S.

Open Waters and Cogito were by far my favorite because they were cleaner and less intense scents. Nillain is a very specific scent. My mom really enjoyed it!

Sarah E.

Although I usually prefer singular scents, I was very pleased with the blends! They're strong but not overpowering which I appreciate, especially since my main use of essential oils is as perfume or in masks.

Moss S.

I loved cogito. The scent filled my entire apartment. Great quality!

Jasmine M.

I LOVE all of these scents! My top 2 were Ni.Lain and Open Waters so I gave them 5s to distinguish that but the others are fantastic too. Thank you for the pleasure of these scents!! Can’t wait to purchase!

J W.

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